I’ve got a thing for words, and an even bigger thing for whole sentences. I’ve spent the last 15 years creating content, editing or translating for a long list of clients. From social-media to straight-up journalism, I’ve done it all — and though I grew up on print, I’m as at-ease generating banner ads or social-media blitzes as I am planning and executing press releases, how-tos or monthly columns.

My work has appeared in the English-language edition of Ricardo Magazine, The Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of CanadaLOULOU MagazineAskmen.com and numerous books, bookazines and special interest publications for Reader’s Digest. There’s more, too. Click on ‘resumé’ below for more info.

I’m also a bass player, podcaster and YouTube force of nature. Want to know all about it? Pick a thumbnail.

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