How do we fix the political system?

As I perused a story this morn about choosing between the US’s two most apparently corrupt presidential candidates ever, it started to gel with something I’ve been thinking about.
Between those two and our own PM — who seems like a really nice guy, but whose fresh-faced BS has done nothing to shake my conviction that Liberals are just conservatives with better suits — it becomes clear that, if we’re to haul our countries out of the sludge of one-percenter cronyism, we’re going to have to stop plumbing the political class for our politicians. We’re going to need to make it nigh-on impossible for dynasties to exist, and we’re going to have to get people in there who actually know what the realities of being an everyday Canadian/American/whatever really are. We essentially need to legally or financially demolish the political class and remake parliaments as spaces that reflect voters from every walk of life.

Because clearly, the entitled potentates running the place have no idea why they were hired by citizens. In Canada’s case, it wasn’t for the self-aggrandising and the power games; it was to fix what the last entitled potentate did.

Any ideas how? I’m tapped out.

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